"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."
- Ernest Hemingway

Arcay provides a comprehensive range of financial, communications and information technology services, through complementary, closely co-ordinated but independently managed businesses.

What is our vision?

To continue refining and improving the comprehensive range of financial, communications and related services we provide, thereby contributing meaningfully to genuine wealth creation in South Africa.

What are our core values?

  • Enduring partnerships
  • Effective execution
  • Careful staff selection
  • Constant learning

What is our background?

Arcay was established some 20 years ago. At the outset, we focused on providing a core set of financial, communications and related services, later extending our service offering to include information technology services designed to improve efficiencies.

What is our approach?

At Arcay, we foster a partnership approach with our clients, our suppliers and our staff. It is our firm belief that the long-term partnerships we form deliver the best results for all concerned.

Focusing on achieving successful outcomes for our client-partners, we work in a hands-on fashion, following a holistic approach. This approach involves the formulation of the best strategy and course of action to meet the client's specific needs. We differentiate ourselves from the majority of our competitors by ensuring director-level involvement in each client-partnership and project undertaken.

We deal very successfully with brokers, consultants and the professions, but are ourselves executors of assignments on behalf of, and in partnership with, our clients. Over time, we have developed solid relationships, which have resulted in enduring partnerships.

Our partnership approach entails detailed involvement, as one team, in the development of our client-partners' strategies. We participate actively in the setting of overall objectives and the establishment of key success criteria. Our strategies are tailor-made for each of our client-partners, thus ensuring that all requirements are met and delivered as agreed.